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Bring your vision to life with Champion Imaging Group

Exceptional Service


Expert Consultation


Graphic Layout and Retouching


Digital Printing


Kitting & Packaging


Fulfillment, Distribution and Installations


All About Champion Imaging

Honest & Efficient Work

Our unique customer service makes us the best  partner working side by side to achieve incredible and timely results in your printing projects.

"Champion's team is my main ally because every year we have big marketing campaigns and we need to not only print but also distribute. They make my job easier".


"The projects I handle are very large and require a great  expertise to choose the right materials and products. I value every advice and guidance to define the products to be printed". 
"I think the best thing about Champion is the quality of the people who lead the projects. They are always on time and solve problems in the most efficient way. Thank you team". 

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425 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3J 1S9

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