Our Products and Services

Champion Imaging offers a broad spectrum of digital imaging services. Using state of the art digital equipment and an experienced staff, we are able to provide unparalleled quality and exceptional service to all our clients - big and small.

Large Format Printing (close)

On virtually any material and at almost any scale - we can make large scale prints of your vivid images.

Backlit Graphics (close)

With a wide variety of light-box sizes, set a lasting impression by increasing visual appeal and creating a memorable image for your clients with backlit graphics.

Exhibit Booths & Banner Stands (close)

Impress your client with our high-resolution printing for your exhibit. With highly portable solutions we can offer you maximum quality and easy transportation while protecting your images and investment.

Download our Banner stand brochure.
Displays that are customizable, economical and easy to transport. Coupled with our high quality prints, you will have a display that no one wants to walk away from.

Download our Pop-Up brochure.

Retail Displays & Signage (close)

Liven up your retail store with any type of display, banners, backlit displays and photo-murals. Have them mounted and shipped to virtually anywhere in North America on time, meeting your highest expectations.

Banners (close)

Our highly durable and extremely customizable banners will be a perfect contribution to your windows, ceilings and even outdoor displays. We can print on almost any material for a vast array of unique qualities and finishes.

Mounting and Lamination (close)

With an experienced staff and advanced equipment we can mount and laminate any image with almost any specification.

Die-Cutting and Finishing (close)

With our state of the art equipment we are able to custom cut anything from prints to acrylics into any desirable shape, creating an incomparable product.

Fulfillment and Distribution (close)

We can handle all of your projects from conception to distribution - always on time. Need custom installation? We can handle that.

Scanning and Archiving (close)

With high-resolution scanning we can provide an exceptional digital file for all your prints. With our professional archiving you can rest assured that your projects will not be lost.

Graphic Layout and Retouching (close)

Our team of highly trained professionals will look over and re-touch all projects to the smallest detail, to ensure the final product is perfect and ready for use.

Special Projects (close)

No project is too big or too small for us. Almost anything your mind can think of we can complete for you. We check and re-check every step of the way so that you can create a lasting impression.


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